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Training: Increase capacity of Women NGO - How to write the project proposal

Vlorë, 19 Janar/ January 19th 2020, ora/ time 11.30, Hotel Bolonja

Improve the networking, project implementation and advocacy skills as well as fostering the collaboration between civil society and local government.

1. The importance of Networking to improve the information services to businesswomen (Mrs. Flutura Xhabija, President of Albanian National, Professional, Businesswomen and Craft ‘Association, SHGPAZ)
2. How to find the proper information through network? (Mrs. Tefta Demeti, expert of the SHGPAZ)
3. How to write the successful project proposal(Mrs. Tefta Demeti, expert of the SHGPAZ)
4. Some remarks regarding the implementation of the project (Mrs. Tefta Demeti, expert of the SHGPAZ)
5. Discussion
6. Conclusions